MedGift Partners

A List Of Our Expert Doctors Team, Hospitals & Healthcare Partners

The MedGift Health Consultant team first and foremost thoroughly assessed the needs of doctors and health care centers

Dr. Satish Thakur

Family Physicians

Dr. Rohit Sharma

Medicine Specialists

Dr. Latika Sharma


Dr. Harish Birla


Dr. Rahul Rastogi


Dr. Aliya Verma


Tamana Bhatiya


Dr. Sourav Sharma


Services Offer to Hospitals & Healthcare Centres

All our doctors are members of accreditation bodies with good skills.

Our patients and patients can stay in their homes for a long time, save money and get peace of mind while availing of med gift facility.

Doctor consult patient
Elder care

With access to 24 hour assistance, you can continue to help others.

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